Xaositect Background



You are a member of the Xaositects. This means that you embrace Chaos as the fundamental nature of the multiverse, and strive to embrace it, embody it, and further it in all of your actions. The multiverse is at its heart a place of randomness, chance, and unpredictability, and any order imposed on it is artificial, foolish, and harmful.

Skill Proficiencies: Roll 1d20 twice to determine which two of the 18 skills you are proficient in randomly (re-roll 18-20)
Tool Proficiencies: Roll 1d10 twice to determine your two tool proficiencies (if you roll Artisan's Tools, Gaming Set, or Musical Instrument, you can make a choice of which specific kind of that item you are proficient in)
Equipment: One of each tool set you are proficient in, 1d4 items from the Trinkets table, a set of a set of common clothes with the faction insignia in them, and a belt pouch containing 1d20 gp

Feature: Rabble

As a new Xaositect, you are welcome in the section of the Hive Ward known as the Hive — a slum's mercantile district, where decaying hovels and nameless streets change on a daily basis, with the whims and tides of fate. As a Xaositect, you have an innate sense of how to find exactly the kind of place you're looking for in the Hive. You also have access to a portal that links to Limbo, and you know of the key for that portal.

Inspiration: Babble

f you gain a point of Inspiration for adhering to your faction philosophy, you may use it to foil any attempt at understanding a thing you say or write for anyone who isn't a Xaositect. Other Xaositects understand it just fine.

Suggested Characteristics

The primary goal of a Xaositect is to revel in chaos, and this means that they want to create it, to cause chaos to come into being wherever it is lacking. Xaositects don't brook order, orgainzation, or even pattern or habit. They do their best to confound expectations at every turn, reinforcing the idea that unpredictability is the nature of all things.