The Way Of The Immortals

Monks of every disciple harness a magic they call ki to push their bodies beyond natural limits and conjure up magical effects from their own inner soul. Ki is harnessed through practice, dedication, training, and rigorous structure. All who harness it resemble Believers in that they try, fail, and try again. Believers are attracted to this training, and believe that the ki it produces is something of the spark of immortality that all beings have. Those who master its use can slip the bounds of their mortal shells and attain the power that gods wield. Monk features like Timeless Body and Tongue of the Sun and Moon point at the inherent divinity of every soul, properly honed, gaining something of the omniscience, immortality, and omnipotence of true gods. Monks who train in the Forge's sooty environs, however, know how to truly break the shackles of mortality, pursuing a path of self-improvement that ultimately, the believe, will end with their divine ascension.

Way of the Immortals

A monk who dedicates themselves to the Way of the Immortals is on a path to divinity, or so they believe.

Memory of A Thousand Lifetimes

The Monks of the Source teach that only by understanding the lessons of the past can you build to a better future. Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you have trained enough to awaken the voices of your past incarnations in your mind, and they advise you directly by helping you remember your past lessons. You gain the Guidance cantrip if you don't already know it. In addition, you can spend 2 ki points to cast Identify, Augury, Speak with Animals, or Comprehend Languages, without providing material components.


The Godsflesh believe that the spark of divinity within us retains knowledge as we transition to new lives. At 6th level, you tap into your divine essence to cling to your current form, but learn the lessons of death. When you are at 0 hp and unconscious, if you regain any HP, you instantly stand up. Until the end of your next turn, you have advantage on all saving throws, and enemies take disadvantage on all attacks against you. Additionally, if it was a creature you could see that dropped you to 0 hp, until your next rest, you have advantage on all attacks you make against that creature, and that creature takes a penalty on any saving throws you force it to make.

Majestic Splendor

True divinities inspire awe in their perfection and power. At 11th level, you radiate divine light in a halo around you. If you are above half of your maximum hit points, you can radiate bright light out to 30 ft. as a bonus action on your turn. Enemies within the bright light that are below half of their maximum hit points take disadvantage on attacks that include you. Any enemy influenced by this can make a Wisdom save to avoid the disadvantage, and if they succeed, they are not affected by this ability until after your next long rest, when you can make them save again. Additionally, this effect ends if you take damage form any source. If this effect ends, it cannot be restored until you are at maximum HP again (such as after a long rest).


At 17th level, you have learned to shape reality according to your will. You cease aging, and you do not die of old age. You can spend 10 ki points to cast wish, though you cannot use this to duplicate any spell effect. If you ever lose the ability to use the wish spell as a result of the 33% chance to never be able to cast the spell again, you begin to age normally from that point forward.