Taker Background



You are a member of the Fated. You belong to a group of independent, self-sufficient people who ally because they share the view that the authority in life belongs to those who can seize it.

Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation, Investigation
Tool Proficiency: Scribe’s Supplies, Forgery Kit
Equipment: Scribe’s Supplies, Forgery Kit, a set of fine clothes including a faction badge sewn into them, and a belt pouch containing 25 gp

Feature: Heartless

As a member of the Fated, you have access to the Hall of Records, including food and drink for a reasonable fee (Fated get nothing for free), and access to the property records, the Academy of Training, and the tax records of Sigil (including defaults, credits, lending records, tax rolls – anything having to do with money). Perhaps importantly, you also know how to look up records yourself. You also know the key to and location of a portal that will grant you access to Rowan's Hall on Ysgard.

Inspiration: Self-Sufficient

If you gain a point of Inspiration for adhering to your faction philosophy, you may use it to gain a proficiency bonus to one skill check that you make in a skill you aren’t normally proficient in.

The following examples may be situations in which you are awarded Inspiration

  • Refusing healing or assistive magic from another character
  • Accomplishing a deed (such as slaying a monster) without any other character contributing
  • Refusing to help an ally in desperate need

Suggested Characteristics

The Fated are self-sufficient, independent, and harsh in their treatment of others, but fair. The strong get what they deserve, but there are many kinds of strength in this world, many much more subtle than raw muscle

Taker Membership


The Fated are entirely a group of survivalists of one stripe or another. The faction attracts any member of any class that doesn't depend on others to get their job done. Barbarians, fighters, druids, rangers (hunter rangers are more popular than beastmaster rangers), and sorcerers are very common, each one capable of mastering their own power. More urban environments lead to a lot of rogues, especially Digger Archetype rogues, each one a master at discovering secrets that others want to keep hidden.

More rarely, you may find Fated paladins, monks, wizards, or bards. These classes tend to rely on others, at least for their initial training, but some certainly take a more independent view of their abilities, and become self-taught and self-guided, though this path is often difficult for them.

Clerics and Warlocks, explicitly dependent as they are on other entities, almost never become Takers, who see both classes as being crippled by their reliance on the charity of some other creature, little more than parasites on them.