Miscellaneous Spells

Prestidigitation 0 Miscellaneous The caster performs some minor magical trick, such as a small puff of wind, a glowing ball of light, cleaning up your clothes in an instant, etc.

Combat Spells

Mage Armor 1st Combat (Abjuration) The caster creates a protective shield of force that defends the target like armor.
Components: A piece of finely cured leather, blessed by a priest.
Burning Hands 1st Combat (Evocation) The caster releases a blast of fire from their fingertips.
Chill Touch 1st Combat (Necromancy) The caster's touch turns undead, deals cold damage, and drains strength.
Color Spray 1st Combat (Evocation) The caster sprays a fan of colors, stunning enemies.
Components: A pinch each of red, yellow, and blue sand.
Enlarge 1st Combat (Transmutation) The caster causes the target to grow to giant size for a time, increasing their physical power.
Components: A pinch of powdered iron.
Reduce 1st Combat (Transmutation) The caster causes the target to shrink for a time, decreasing their physical power.
Components: A pinch of powdered iron.
Gaze Reflection 1st Combat (Abjuration) The caster creates a ward that turns a creature's gaze attack back on itself.
Grease 1st Combat (Conjuration) The caster coats the area or object in a slippery grease that causes enemies to tumble over and loose their grip.
Component: A bit of pork rind or butter.

Discovery Spells

Detect Magic 0 Discovery (Divination) The caster detects existing magical auras in range.
Comprehend Languages 1st Discovery (Divination) The caster momentarily understands all spoken and written languages.
Components: A pinch of soot and a few grains of salt.
Detect Undead 1st Discovery (Divination) The caster detects the presence of undead creatures in range.
Components: A bit of earth from a grave.
Identify 1st Discovery (Divination) The caster

Exploration Spells

Affect Normal Fires 1st Exploration (Transmutation) The caster can alter the brightness of several fires in a small area. The caster can also simply extinguish fires in the area.
Alarm 1st Exploration (Abjuration) The caster wards an area against un-wanted entry. If a creature enters the area, it sets off a loud alarm.
Components: A tiny bell and a piece of fine, silver wire.
Erase 1st Exploration (Transmutation) The caster erases the writing (including magical runes) present on a surface.
Feather Fall 1st Exploration (Transmutation) The caster (or a subject) suddenly become light as a feather!
Hold Portal 1st Exploration (Transmutation) The caster renders an openable object firmly closed, as if stuck.

Interaction Spells

Audible Glamer 1st Interaction (Illusion) The caster creates an illusory noise.
Components: A bit of wool or a small lump of wax.
Change Self 1st Interaction (Illusion) The caster creates the illusion of themselves, as a different race or creature.
Charm Person 1st Interaction (Enchantment) The caster forces the target to regard them as a trusted friend and ally.
Confuse Languages 1st Interaction (Illusion) The caster makes the subject creature or writing unintelligible to any creature.
Components: A pinch of soot and a few grains of salt.
Dancing Lights 1st Interaction (Illusion) The caster creates a few glowing orbs of light resembling candles or torches, or a creature seemingly composed of light.
Components: A bit of phosphorus, or wychwood, or a glowworm.
Friends 1st Interaction (Enchantment) The caster gains a bonus to Charisma.
Components: chalk (or white flour), lamp-black (or soot), and vermillion, applied to the face.
Hypnotism 1st Interaction (Enchantment) The subject obeys a brief, simple request from the caster.