Snail, Ock'n

Ock'n snails are small, half-inch snails from Dark Sun that produce a useful amber-like resin in their slime trails.

Rather than featuring as monsters, as they are not a threat, they are perhaps better regarded as items that the party can employ, more equipment than beast.

Snail, Ock'n

This tiny snail has a brightly striped, spiral shell, and it leaves a trial of slime that quickly hardens into a hard resin.
Equipment (5 sp): The ock'n is a snail used for its slime, which hardens into a rock-hard substance when dry. After each extended rest, it has produced up to an ounce of the slime, which can be used to seal cracks, repair weapons, or even to craft arrowheads and spear points and the like.

DM's Advice

World: Ock'n are used by travelers as a way to repair equipment on the go, especially if that equipment is stone or obsidian to begin with. Some may raise ock'n in an attempt to craft items out of the resin, though you need a lot of ock'n to produce enough resin to be usable.

Story: Ock'n are useful for many desert tribes, and may be farmed and harvested by them. Certain tribes may use paints and marks similar to the markings on the shells of their ock'n as tribal identifiers.

Mechanics: Ock'n are only useful in as much as items break and crafting is possible. When dealing with weapons of primitive make (such as stone spears and the like), they can be a significant help when such equipment breaks, enabling repairs on the fly.