Slug, Renk

Renk are small slugs from Dark Sun that produce hold substantial quantities of water, making them useful on long desert trips.

Rather than featuring as monsters, as they are not a threat, they are perhaps better regarded as items that the party can employ, more equipment than beast.

Slug, Renk

This fat slug glistens with moisture.
Equipment (1 sp): The renk is useful for providing water for long desert journeys, as they are lighter than carrying fluid with you. A day's supply of food and water can be held in about 30 renk, which is about half the encumbrance of a normal waterskin. The renk must be eaten live to gain the moisture from them.

DM's Advice

World: Renk are used by those who travel long distances. They are subterranean creatures in the wild, living under rocks and in grain basements and wells.

Story: A colony of renk can be a lifesaver for a party low on supplies in the middle of the desert. It can also serve as a trap for such a party, luring them into an encounter with whatever holds the renks.

Mechanics: Renks are only useful when you are tracking encumbrance and rationing food and water, helping a party travel light while supplying their needs.