Sinker Background



You are a member of the Doomguard. Your faction holds that decay and destruction are inevitable forces of the multiverse, and that all will pass away to dust – and they fight those that try to defy that tendency.

Skill Proficiencies: History, Intimidation
Tool Proficiency: Smith’s Tools, Historian’s Tools
Equipment: Historian’s Tools, Smith’s Tools, a vial of acid, a set of common clothes including a faction badge sewn into them, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp

Feature: Defender of Doom

As a Sinker, you are welcome in the Armory, in the Lady’s Ward, including in the upper reaches where rare armor and weapons and faction function halls are kept. Other Sinkers acknowledge you as an ally. You also have a portal key to a portal that you know of that links to either the Crumbling Citadel on the Plane of Ash, Citadel Alluvius on the Plane of Dust, Citadel Exhalus on the Plane of Vacuum, or Citadel Sealt on the Plane of Salt (your choice).

Inspiration: Sift

If you gain a point of Inspiration for adhering to your faction philosophy, you may use it to learn what caused an object’s destruction. To do this, you must hold a piece of the destroyed item in your hand, and spend one hour examining it and attuning yourself to its psychic resonance. At the end of the hour, you learn what destroyed the object, if that destruction occurred in the last 10 years.

Activities that you may gain Inspiration for might include

  • Destroying some long-standing structure or killing some ancient creature. The older the better!
  • Encouraging rebellion and conflict for the sake of accelerating the decay of the entire organization.
  • Refusing magical healing, embracing your own eventual decay.

Suggested Characteristics

Sinkers cling to little in this world as permanent, and many of their bonds are to the past. They can be destructive and harsh at their worst, but heroic Sinkers certainly exist – imagine the entropy one life can cause!

Sinker Membership


The Doomguard attracts those who revel in chaos and destruction, but also those who contemplate the natural order and acknowledge the inevitability of death. Fighters, barbarians, rangers, and rogues make up the bulk of Sinker membership (ESPECIALLY fighters). Sorcerers are also often attracted to the philosophy — especially the wild ones. Druids also have a strong representation in the faction, though they tend to take a more passive view of entropy than their warlike brethren. Clerics of nature, trickery, or war are also present, though rarer, as the abilities of any cleric tend to be supportive in nature, and the Doomguard brooks very little of that. Healing is a good way to make other Sinkers question your commitment.

Though that might be a stripe of hypocrisy, as the Doomguard does delight in their own special breed of paladins, ones taking the Oath of Destruction, and the tenets of this oath provide for healing and protecting those things that are causing destruction, at least.

Rarer classes include the bard (creativity is an essential anti-entropic act), the monk (self-improvement works against the idea of ultimate destruction), the wizard (all that building up of knowledge and information is pointless when it's all going to be ash sooner or later), and especially the warlock (selling your soul for more power is baffling to many Doomguard — why sell something worthless for something even more worthless?).