Silvers are a slight race of metallic humanoids who scheme and connive for their own power and advancement. Masters of intrigue and political persuasion, they manipulate the threads of power in the city like a masterful bard.

Metallic and Alien

Silvers are thin, small humanoids with flesh and organs made from a silver-hued organic-metallic substance. They eat metals instead of food, and drink oil instead of water. Their long, thin torsos have no ribcage, and bend in a snakelike fashion. Their blood is a bright liquid metal, akin to mercury, and their faces are bizarre, with two long, oval, black eyes, and a vertical, lipless mouth. Silvers are hermaphroditic, and reproduce via a kind of "kiss" (they find it rather vulgar to see other races kissing in public). A silver's body conducts electricity quite well, and doesn't burn - but it does melt when exposed to heat, which is just as painful.

Ambitious and Cold-Hearted

Silvers seek their own advancement at any cost. Every effort of a silver's life is dedicated to self fulfillment and self-promotion. They don't go out of their way to be cruel, but what happens to those who stand in their way is, the silvers believe, simply part of achieving power for themselves. A silver even instills this virtue in their children - a good silver parent is, one day, betrayed and usurped by their own children. It is a particular mix of anguish and pride that a silver parent feels when this happens.

Solipsistic Overlords

The most important creature in a silver's life is themselves. This extends to a form of self-worship: they believe that every creature is divine in nature, and silvers worship their own divine qualities. Silver priests seem to be able to get magical power from this relationship. Their self-aggrandizement extends to their activities in the world, as they seek positions of political power, and manipulate great groups of people to this end. A silver at the center of a connected web of loyalty and obligation is a happy silver.

Silver Names

Silvers insist that they be addressed by their proper names, spoken in the mellifluous silver language. They are very fond of titles, and insist on it being addressed by these titles if they have them.
Given Names: Danaides, Halcyone, Laocoon, Melicertes, Portunus
Clan Names: Silures, Yserone, Pinable, Gorboduc, Cortana

Silver Traits

Your silver character has the following traits
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 2. Your Intelligence score increases by 1.
Age. A silver becomes an adult at about age 120. They can live to be 750.
Alignment. Silvers tend toward lawful neutral alignments. They love to be in control of others, though they derive no particular rush from abusing that power.
Size. Silvers are about 5 ft., 6 inches tall on average. They weigh about 100 lbs. Your size is medium.
Speed. Your walking speed is 30 ft.
Mineral Sustenance. Silvers can eat any kind of metal, though they prefer silver. You can survive on a half-pound of metal each day (2 gp worth). Platinum is considered a delicacy, and gold has a similar effect on you as alcohol (2 gp is about the same as one stiff drink). Mithral heals you - 40 gp worth of mithral will heal 1d10 hp.
Electrical Resistance. You have lightning resistance.