Player Characters


  • Geshik: (Played by LonelyTylenol) Dragonborn Paladin-Defender. Worships Bahamut. Capable of high levels of shiny smack-down.
  • Haeli: (Played by Merkuri) Killoren (Wilden) Invoker [Controller]. Worships Avandra. Blood that flows like sap. Possibly vulnerable to A HERRING.
  • Josiah: (Played by Brian) Dwarf Fighter [Defender]. Does things with remarkable dwarfishness. Dwarfosity. Etc.
  • Adaan: (Played by James) Human Ranger [Striker]. Does not hold boards. Has not yet died. This could change.
  • Sadis: (Played by Arthur) Genasi Swordmage [Defender]. Possibly nonexistent?
  • Chorr: (Played by Hussar) Warforged Cleric of Erathis [Leader]. Chorr was built by the priests of Erathis to bring order and law to the world. A task he takes very seriously.
  • Ruktp Goss: (Played by Awayfarer) Goliath Avenger [Striker]. "Goss" began following Chorr around, forming a sort of judge/executioner partnership. He worships the Raven Queen, enjoys peppermints, and possibly enjoys his work a little more than he should. Soft-spoken and shy. He tries not to stand out.

Hurm. Looks like we've got a LOT of Defenders! Haeli is currently the only controller.


  • Frellian: (Played by Hussar) Eladrin Warlord [Leader]. Noble and commanding. He was cast out of an eladrin city in the Feywild thanks to an awful crime he is said to have committed. Kind of aloof and snooty, but guards some dark personal secrets… Currently comatose and diseased.
  • Zavatto: (Played by WonderWaffles) Gnome Assassin [Striker]. Raised in a graveyard. Very comfortable around the dead, and loves to scare people. Looking for a long-lost love.
  • Honeybee: (Played by Awayfarer) Dragonborn Wizard [Controller]. Athletic and hardy, he talks about magic as if it were a sport.
  • Rok: (Not Played By Anyone) Kobold minion [Minion]. Servile and treacherous, but fun to torment!


  • Kurghan: (Played by Awayfarer) Minotaur Barbarian [Striker]. A bit of a backwoods wilderness-type, lived in a swamp for the last 18 years, and wanted to make jerky out of a host of fantastic creatures. Rode a lizard that lots of people seemed to like riding on. Had a fancy hat that previously could not be removed, but fell from his head upon his death.