Outcaste Modron

Outcaste Modron

Outcaste modrons are an anomaly — creatures of perfect order, tossed out of their home of perfect order, because they have become somehow "tainted." This taint? Individuality.

Modrons usually all feel like the limbs of some great planar hive-mind, but the Outcastes have defied this unity, broken with it by believing that they are separate from it, and for that, they have been tossed out of the modron heirarchy and abandoned to the wilderness of the planes. These creatures are naive and curious, and still, typically, achingly, pointedly lawful, trying to see patterns and meaning in every little detail. They combine this neophyte's wonder with the body of an immortal icon of true universal order, with bodies of soulstuff, flesh, and steel, and minds that have faced unflinching the infinite reality of their homes. This makes them POWERFUL neophytes, creatures who, even without the army of modrons at their backs, can more than hold their own against the dangers of the planes they now must find a home in.

Outcaste Modron Traits


Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 2. Your Constitution score increases by 1.
Age. It is unknown if outcaste modrons age at all. They don't seem to show any signs of advanced age, and none have been known to die of old age.
Alignment. Though cast out of their perfect home, many Outcastes still maintain a distinctly Lawful personality. However, this isn't universal — some certainly break a little more distinctly than others, becoming Good, Evil, or even Chaotic.
Size. Medium. Modron outcastes are exactly six feet tall.
Speed. Base walking speed is 30 ft.
Notice the Disorder. You have proficiency in Perception and Investigation. If you already have proficiency in these skills from some other source, you may choose two other skills.
Modron March. You move 30 ft. as your action. You cannot benefit from increased speed when you move, you do not suffer from any speed penalties, and you ignore difficult terrain. Any creatures — enemies or allies — in your path may move out of your way as a free action, and if they do not, they are knocked prone and take 1d4 points of damage as you walk over them.