New Players

This page should help new players get started.

What you need

  • MapTool version 1.3.b72 (set to 512 memory, 4 MB stack)
  • DeviantNull's 4e Framework example campaign (if you want to create your token ahead of time or edit it in between games)
  • An image of your character to use as your token, preferably 17 KB or smaller (optionally you can have an additional larger image to use as your portrait)


To install MapTool, download the file and unzip it. Run MapToolLauncher.exe to run the program. The first time it runs it'll ask you for some numbers. Leave the minimum alone, set the max to 512, and the stack to 4.

"Tokenizing" an image

It's recommended to run your image through TokenTool first to make them into a nice token-looking image with a border, but you can skip this if you want. TokenTool is easy to use. Unzip it, drag your image into it, move the image until it looks nice, then save it.

Giving your token a character sheet

If you want to make changes to your token outside of the game, download the Framework example campaign from the link above and open it in MapTool (File -> Open). It's not necessary to have this Framework if you will only be working on your token during game sessions because the GM will already have the Framework installed in the campaign they are using.

Drag your character image from your machine into the central map area of MapTool, then double-click on it. Make these changes:

  1. On the very top right, make sure PC is selected.
  2. On the State tab, check "Character" in the Code section. (Note, if your token ever says "This is not a character" the most likely problem is that this box got unchecked.)
  3. On the Config tab, select "Enhanced" in the Properties dropdown.

After you click OK click off your token and back onto it, and you should see a character sheet in the Character Sheet panel. (If you don't see the Character Sheet panel, go to the Campaign panel and click "Character Sheet Launcher". If you don't see the Campaign panel either, go to Window -> Campaign.) Click the Edit link on the sheet to make changes to the character. Much of the character sheet is self-explanatory, but if you have questions don't hesitate to ask in the forums.

Saving your token

When you're done with your token, right-click on it and select Save. Save it wherever you want as long as you remember where it is. If you make any changes to it during the game you can save it this way as well. You may want to keep backups of your token just in case something goes wrong with it.

On game day

  1. Start MapTool and go to File -> Connect to server.
  2. Type in a username. (You should use the same name each game, but other than that the name you pick doesn't really matter.) The password is mass3 and the server name is Nyx Morpho.
  3. When you're connected, drag your saved token (.rptok file) onto the map.
  4. In your browser, go to to join us in the voice chat.
  5. Have fun!