Mount Rules

The following are optional rules that you can use to replace the existing mount rules. These rules trade some of the realism of the basic rules for more clarity and a more explicit benefit.

Mounts, with this option, function much like other pieces of equipment, such as weapons, armor, or backpacks, rather than as separate creatures. They can still be separately targeted and killed, but much like weapons can be targeted and broken, but the mount in the normal course of play isn't considered much of a target.

General Mount Rules

Mounting a creature is done during a move, takes half of your speed for the turn, but dismounting can be done as part of your move without taking any speed. You must have a hand free to control a mount. When you control a mount, your speed becomes the mount's speed. If you are mounted and you do not control you mount, your speed for the round is 0.


Mount Size Cost Speed Qualities Capacity
Camel Large 50 gp 50 ft. Desert Native 480 lbs
Donkey / Mule Medium 8 gp 40 ft. Surefooted 420 lbs
Elephant Huge 200 gp 40 ft. Huge 1,320 lbs
Horse, draft Large 50 gp 40 ft. Great Endurance 540 lbs
Horse, riding Large 75 gp 60 ft. Athletic 480 lbs
Mastiff Medium 25 gp 40 ft. Tracking 195 lbs
Pony Medium 30 gp 40 ft. Friendly 225 lbs
Warhorse Large 400 gp 60 ft. Combat Trained 540 lbs

Desert Native: The mount does not suffer movement penalties in sand, and need not make Endurance checks to resist the effects of heat in temperatures lower than 140 degrees Farenheit

Surefooted: The mount gains its proficiency bonus on checks to avoid falling (including saves or checks against falling prone).

Huge: The mount is size Huge.

Great Endurance: The mount need not make Endurance checks to resist fatigue until it has spent more than 24 hours in hard labor.

Athletic: The mount is trained to jump, and gains its proficiency bonus on checks related to jumping obstacles.

Tracking: The mount is a born predator, and can find prey. It gains its proficiency bonus on checks related to tracking or finding a familiar scent.

Friendly: All Animal Handling checks made with the mount are made with advantage.

Combat Trained: The mount can be made to use its attacks if its rider uses their action to command it to attack.