• Assassin (1e)
    • Death Attack (instant-kill chance during a surprise round)
    • Poisons
      • Spike Damage
      • Damage Over Time
      • Debilitating
    • Disguise (Social)
    • Stealth (Exploration)
  • Barbarian
    • Rage (bonus damage that spikes, but lower damage afterwards)
    • Illiterate
    • Fast movement
    • Rejects arcane magic
    • Ignores special defenses against weapon attacks
    • Climbing
    • Stealth
    • Alertness (negates surprise)
    • Athletics
    • Detect Magic (and Illusions)
    • Leadership (better dealing with other barbarians)

Barbarian (3e)
Bard (2e-3e, even 1e, sorta)
Cleric (all)
Druid (1e-3e)
Fighter (all)
Illusionist (1e-2e)
Monk (1e & 3e)
Paladin (all)
Priest (2e)
Ranger (all)
Rogue/Thief (all)
Sorcerer (3e)
Warlock (4e)
Warlord (4e)
Wizard/Magic-User (all)

Embodying a spirit; their "force" comes into you and possesses you (trance state)
Deific (god of wealth, god of death, etc.)
Divination as psychology
A distant, supreme deity
Lesser spirits under the supreme diety that are more approachable (a rich spirit world alongside the normal one)
Libations poured out as sacrifice
Rythmic drumming/singing (trance state); each spirit has their own song.
Divine responsilibilities
Intermediary (between spirits and people)
Healer (disease, injury, illness)
Weather (make rain, move coulds)
Secret societies of initiates knowing secrets
Ayanmo: Fate
Every action affects the entire world.
Reincarnation within the family
Earth known as "the Marketplace"

Traits of the Psychopomps
Eshu / Papa Legba / Baron Samedi
Spirit of crossroads, borders, and doorways; protector of travelers
Possibly a child: likes candy and toys (Ellegua)
Allows for prophecy
Serpents as totemic animals (joins heaven and water and earth)
Dogs as totemic animals (allies unto death; scavengers)
Ravens as totemic animals (scavengers; grave-hoverers)
Possibly winged (between heaven and earth; speed)
The number 3, the colors red, black, and white
Fire and water as mediums (burning in smoke to go to heaven, immersing in water to the underworld)
Cane/Shepherd's Crook; pipe-smoking
Chaos/trickery; open-mindedness; perspective
Businessman, keeper of keys