This is to keep track of stuff we've picked up during the game.

Current gold pool: 3,527.3 gp

Big Bully

  • 4 potions of healing (1 taken by each party member)
  • 2 purple gemstones cut in the shapes of squares (worth 80 gp each)
  • 1 carved stone figurine of a frog demon (worth about 20 gp)
  • Horned Helm (lvl 6): Charge attacks deal an extra 1d6 damage. (taken by Geshik)
  • Suit of scale armor
  • longsword
  • Stone demon figurine inlaid with silver (tarnished). Worth about 70 gold
  • 17 silver, 4 copper coins
  • set of ivory dice with black gemstones for pips (taken by Haeli)
  • 16 copper coins (from the dice)
  • A golden crown (gems missing) worth 75 gp
  • An ancient ivory horn comb inlaid with strange black pearls worth 150 gp
  • Four obdisian statues of Bullywugs. One covering its eyes, one mouth, one ears. One, slightly larger than the rest has a gaping hole where its face should be. Its fingers are elongated into claws. Worth 30 gp each
  • Small wooden Killoren doll with a ring around its neck, worth 14 gp
  • Doss Lute (2600 gp) Bard implement +2 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls. +2d6 damage on critical hit Power: Standard action. During a short rest. The bard chooses themselves or one ally who remained within 20 squares of them for the duration of the rest. Until the end of that character's next short or extended rest, they gain a +1 power bonus to saving throws. Song of Rest: Power bonus = +2 (taken by Talib)
  • Simple gold necklace worth 18 GP (found by using the dice). Is magical, and makes us feel creeped out. (carried by Haeli)
  • Dwarven Greaves Power: (Daily) Immediate interrupt. Use this power when you are hit by a power that has a pull, push, or a slide effect. You negate the forced movement. (taken by Seth)
  • A crude crown made of bone and decorated with small jade stones: worth 23 gp
  • A round amulet of red stone with a small emeraled inside: worth about 79 gp
  • 44 silver coins
  • seven gold teeth (worth 1 gp each)
  • Belt buckle (gold) worth 7 gp
  • 3 belchbottle vials
  • Bag of hot belchbottle fruits
  • Two figures of men in robes, one of white marble, the other onyx. One holds a ruby carved to look like a flame in it's right hand, the other, a sapphire of the same design in its left. Both hold aloft minature swords of enchanted silver in their other hands. Each is worth 250 gp

Swamp Thing

  • Statue worth 250 gp
  • Phantom Steed ritual scroll (used) - on back, map returning to swamp
  • +2 frost longsword (taken by Geshik)
  • 2 potions of healing (both taken by Goss)

Nyx Morpho

PC leavings