Kobold Dungeon

The Old Mine

The town of Redrock has fallen on hard times. For months, no one has been able to mine in the iron mines in the hills nearby. A few miners went missing (presumed dead), eerie noises started sounding, and the people working the mine got spooked. With the trade in iron disappearing from the village, there's little economic flow, here. The town is broke, with only a very little food flowing in from the halfling shire to the east (mostly out of charity), and is loosing people by the day as they pack up their lives and move to more fertile pastures.

Still, a few tenacious souls cling on. If some heavily-armed strangers were to help their town recover, perhaps they would be inclined to offer some recompense…


The PC's begin in the town of Redrock, where they were stopped briefly by a turn of poor weather — a sudden spike in summer heat has kept them in town this day.