Indep Background



You are a member of the Free League. Regardless of your broader philosophy, one belief you hold close to your core is that it is up to you what to believe, and that no one else should be forcing anyone else into a particular belief.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Survival
Bonus Language: Any two
Equipment: A merchant’s scale, a set of traveler’s clothes including a faction badge sewn into them, and a belt pouch containing 15 gp

Feature: Among Individuals

Your membership in the Free League comes with unfettered access to the Grand Bazaar in the Market Ward, and all the rumor and goods it provides. This is a great place to pick up rumors and listen to the word on the street. You also know of a safehouse somewhere in Sigil friendly to the Indeps – an inn or tavern or other establishment – that will house you. Additionally, you know of a portal to the town of Tradegate on the Outlands, and you have a key for this portal.

Inspiration: Free Mind

If you gain a point of Inspiration for adhering to your faction philosophy, you may use it to automatically make one Wisdom save.

Examples of activities that may award you Inspiration might include

  • Refusing to join an organization or group that might provide you with benefits
  • Challenging the authority of another to make decisions for a whole group
  • Accepting the fight for another's freedom to do as they please.

Suggested Characteristics

There’s a lot of variety in the Free League, but there is one strain of common ground that all find: the desire to live free, on their own terms, and to believe what they want to believe.