Haze are noble, dedicated warriors who define their lives by their voluntary servitude to a worthy master. They hold themselves to high standards of honor and devotion (though they don't always require that their masters have these traits), believing that servitude is a nobler and more worthy life goal than leadership or independence.

Blind and Obedient

The haze have an unusual body shape. Though much of their form is that of a stout humanoid, the head of a haze tapers to a beak adorned with small horns. Haze have no face, no ears, no eyes, no mouth. They sip their sustenance through the tip of their beak (originally, the blood of those they slayed; now, soups and broths), and perceive the world through a form of telepathy that works a bit like mental echolocation. They can hear and smell and taste well enough, but they don't have the ability to make words themselves, except in the minds of others, and are totally blind to concepts like color and gazes.

Loyalty and Servitude

Haze view service to the strong and influential as a sacred duty, something that they feel is nobler than ruling in their own name. They are tolerant of evil and cruelty in their masters, but do not tolerate it in themselves. A haze selects their master based on power and influence more than on moral rectitude, though a haze who finds itself in the service of a morally upright individual will be quite happy with the arrangement. Regardless, haze prize loyalty and voluntary servitude. They loathe slavery, however, as a perversion of the principles that they hold dear. One's service should never be forced.

Shrouded in Mist

The homeworld of the haze is a world where great banks of mist constantly hang in the air, rendering it dark and lightless. They are not comfortable in areas teeming with life, as this distorts their telepathic "vision," clouding it and obscuring significant beings. They appreciate flat plains and the silent security of stone. Stone is also the only medium in which they are able to read - any writing that isn't three-dimensional and carved into something isn't something they can touch, and so isn't something they can read.

Haze Names

It is difficult to know what the haze call themselves. When a haze speaks telepathically to an individual, its name winds up translated into the individual's language. Most haze learn to respond to their name in Common when called fairly quickly among other races.
Male Names: Watchman, Stoutheart, Scout, Redblade, Sentinel, Proudarm
Female Names: Barleycorn, Thornbush, Mistbreeze, Silverclaw
Clan Names: Haze take the name of their lords as surnames. For instance, a haze that was loyal to Lord Narcis may be called Ironbeak Narcis.

Haze Traits

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Age. Haze are considered adults by age 20, and can live to be over 110.
Alignment. Haze tend to be lawful good or lawful neutral in alignment. Loyalty and servitude are paramount virtues, and while haze themselves are quite honorable, they can find themselves serving lords of questionable repute, looking at their more virtuous sides.
Size. Haze stand roughly six and a half feet tall, and weigh about 200 lbs. Your size is Medium.
Speed. You have a speed of 30 ft.
Telepathy. You can communicate telepathically with any creature possessing a language within 100 ft., as many as you wish to communicate with at once. You can use spells with verbal components by telepathically "shouting" them.
Mindsight. Within 120 ft., you can "see" normally, even through darkness, though not in color. You are not blinded by darkness, fog, silence, or any other sensory debility. This vision doesn't pierce illusions or invisibility, however, and within this area you make Perception checks normally. Outisde of this area, you are totally blind. Additionally, creatures whose minds are hidden from detection (such as with a nondetection or mind blank spell) are invisible to you.