Godsflesh Background



You are a member of the Believers of the Source, a faction that believes that all creatures carry a divine spark within them and that by testing and honing this spark, one can become divine. You work at the Great Foundry to hone yourself and your philosophy.

Skill Proficiencies: History, Survival
Tool Proficiencies: Smith's tools, one musical instrument
Equipment: Smith’s tools, a musical instrument you are proficient in, a set of common clothes including a faction badge sewn into them, and a belt pouch containing 15 gp

Feature: Foundry Apprentice

As a God-in-flesh, you have a mentor who teaches you the rigors of faction philosophy, and you have place at one of the forges in the Great Foundry in the Lower Ward. Other members of the Believers are well-disposed to you and you may be able to persuade them to hole you up or loan you a common item. You have access to Ambar's Palace on the Ethereal plane where the factol often gives performances and invites allies. You know of a portal there, and have a key to that portal, as well.

Inspiration: Potential in All Things

If you gain a point of Inspiration for adhering to your faction philosophy, you may use it to make an Indifferent NPC Friendly to you until they take a long rest.

Examples of things that might earn you Inspiration may include

  • Refusing magical healing, letting your body fix itself
  • Refusing magical assistance for overcoming a challenge, wanting to tackle it under your own power.
  • Spending the time to craft an item yourself, rather than buying it.

Suggested Characteristics

Godsflesh are optimistic people, hard-working, dedicated, and occasionally a bit reckless in their challenge-seeking. Their bravery and boldness is sometimes their undoing, and their trust of others can be problematic.


Renown Rank Title Ability
0 1 Namer While attuned, you have advantage on Charisma checks with Friendly or Indifferent creatures.
5 2 Factotum While attuned, once per day, you can remove the blinded, deafened, paralyzed, or poisoned condition from yourself.
10 3 Factor While attuned, once per day, you can remove any poison or disease afflicting you, or gain the maximum number of hit points for any Hit Die you spend during a short rest.

Godsflesh Membership

Joining the Godsflesh


The Believers don't trend toward any one particular alignment — their belief that all creatures carry a divine spark makes them open to many different kinds of individuals, from the evil ones who desire this spark for themselves to the good ones who want to help others along. The lawful ones view the path to divinity as proscribed and precise, while the chaotic ones feel that each individual's path is more particular. This diversity of views makes the faction in general lean Neutral - there is no one true path to divinity.


Of the planewalking races, the planetouched are often drawn to the Believers of the Source, as they imagine themselves already touched by something greater, and may find further ascendance through the faction. Most of the faction tends to be human, however — short lifespans lead to a fascination with future and past existences.


A creature's particular class matters less to a Believer than their ability to perfect themselves in it (leading to a preference for single-classed individuals). The faction also tends to favor more self-reliant classes - sorcerers and monks tend to gravitate to a philosophy of self-empowerment more than clerics (who believe in a higher power that fuels them) or warlocks (who believe in a more powerful entity that instructs them), for instance.

Goals and Advancement

The Believers are interested in honing the bodies and minds of their members, and of all creatures in the multiverse. They treat their organization much like one of their own — they seek out significant challenges, to learn and better themselves from it. They also explore past lives, and what the next pillar of advancement may look like. Some typical adventures may include…

  • Locate and Verify a Reincarnation: A former leader of the faction is said to be reincarnated. Investigate it, prove this new form, and bring them back to the Godflesh.
  • Seek an Isolated Trainer: There is said to be a person near enlightenment with a great secret. Find this person, get to their location, and train with them. Bring their knowledge back for all to share in.
  • Help a Fellow Factioneer: Another faction member needs some assistance with a test. Help them out!

Helpful NPCs

Factol Ambar Vergrove

Neutral Good Male Half-Elf Ranger (Level 19)
The factol of the Believers of the Source likes people to call him by his first name. Friendly and personable, he considers himself something of a musician (though there is debate about the quality of his work…). He cares for individuals more than organizations, and simply wants his people to flourish. He leads his faction like a beloved father, combining the hard work, sweat, and soot with beauty, serenity, and compassion.


Neutral Good Female Tiefling Ranger (Level 9)
Zena is an intense, evangelistic young tiefling with a special concern for animals. She doesn't care about people much, and she finds the suffering and pain of wildlife to be much more pressing than the suffering and pain of most people. She's often ostracized, but her focus doesn't let her notice it much. She is often called upon to deal with situations that involve animals, as her way with them can make quick work of the task.


Neutral Good Male Voadkyn Shaman (Level 7)
Ombidias is a tall, strong wood giant-kin. He is slow and deliberative in action and speech, considerate and cautious. He can be intimidating due to his size and powerful build, but he is quite kind. His experience being tortured while imprisoned in the Nine Hells has caused him to dedicate his life to helping the unfortunate and downtrodden.