The Raiders of Oakhurst

A gang of adventurers from Tol Marren was hired to beat about a gang of kobolds that had snuck into the area. The adventurers uncovered more than just a few kobolds at work, here: goblinoids were involved, and even a Dragon! They chased off the dragon, and dealt with many of the other rogues and roustabouts. They currently are in the process of turning the dragon's lair into a base of operations for themselves.

Nyx Morpho

(current adventure)
The guild has received word that a village to the southeast of Oakhurst requires the help of mercenaries. Having proven yourselves to the guild before, you are recruited to go to the town of Lokaira, where a priestess of the moon goddess Sehanine is reporting a disturbing trend. The youth of the village have begun a cult of sacrifice, offering living prey to dark beings of blasphemy. You are to goto Lokaira, into the Temple of Sehanine, and speak with the priestess there. Her name is Minanami. She can tell you more.