Domestic Animal, Aprig

Aprigs are farm animals from Dark Sun that resemble boars with tough shells.

While a herd of them could be potentially dangerous to a low-level party, their main purpose is not as aggressive beasts, but as livestock. Since they are still a threat, they can use monster statistics, but their main use is as an item.

Domestic Animal, Aprig

A herd of a half-dozen oinking creatures with hard shells root around in the foliage in front of you, keeping a wary eye on you.
Creature (Animal): The aprig is a domesticated creature and has an initial reaction of Unfriendly. Its attitude can be improved with a Charisma check (DC 11).

An aprig that becomes hostile can attack at +0 for 1d4 points of damage with tusks and bites. An aprig also carries an infection with its bite: those bitten must make a Constitution save (DC 10) or, after their next short rest, they will be unable to act until after their second extended rest.

Uses: Aprigs are livestock, and are worth about 50 copper pieces alive. They can be killed for up to three days' rations (their meat has a nutty flavor), and their shells can be crafted into bowls or greaves (the shell alone is worth 10 copper pieces). The sows do technically give milk, but there is no major market for it, as it is sour and unpleasant.

DM's Advice

World: Aprigs live in grasslands, feeding on roots and tubers. They are common there, and many predators prey on them. They travel in herds of 2d10 individuals.

Story: Aprigs are fairly standard "unusual livestock." A character may have a taste for aprig flesh, or know how to cook it especially well.

Mechanics: Aprigs are only a threat en masse to fairly low-level parties, and even low-level parties can probably handle them (especially if they bother trying to tame the things). They are more useful at higher levels as rations, if keeping track of that, but even they are eventually eclipsed by bigger prey.