Digger Archetype

The nature of a rogue is to rely on skill, and to exploit their foes' vulnerabilities. With a wide variety of skills and the ability to hurt foes who don't watch their backs, the rogue naturally appeals to members of the Fated, who see the skullduggery and furtiveness as merely an ability to take advantage of a situation, to apply a little enlightened self-interest, and to exploit those who leave themselves vulnerable.

Takers who pursue the path of the rogue may take it in a uniquely self-sufficient and self-enhancing direction, becoming Diggers — faction members who work to expose the secrets of others (and to use those secrets to their advantage).


You focus your training on the art of unearthing the hidden things around you, working under the idea that if someone wants to hide it, it's probably worth you knowing. You improve your self-sufficiency and you work hard on your information network, knowing that if the right person at the right moment owes you a particular favor, that this can pay large dividends. Rogues who follow this path include chant-brokers, spies, and ruthless blackmailers.


Starting at 3rd level, you can use the bonus action granted by your Cunning Action to make an Intelligence (Investigation) check, make a Wisdom (Perception) check, or make a Wisdom (Insight) check.

In addition, you do not have disadvantage on attack rolls against creatures you cannot see.

Bureaucratic Training

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with the Forgery Kit. You can also apply your proficiency bonus on any check made to navigate a bureaucracy, such as in attaining licensees, papers, audiences with particularly functionaries, learning the laws of a place, or otherwise interacting with the paper-pushers in any given location. You essentially have proficiency in Bureaucracies.


Starting at 9th level, you have enough facts and witnesses to certain shady activities that some people are afraid to cross you. Choose a number of NPC's that you know no greater than your Intelligence modifier. These NPC's should be characters of good reputation in some town where you have spent some time (confer with your DM for help in selecting these NPC's). You have enough shady information on these NPC's that you can ruin their reputation and cause possible legal action as a result of your disclosures….if you were inclined to disclose. These NPC's always act toward you as if you have successfully made an Intimidate check against them, and are willing to do both small and large favors for you in order to avoid having the information disclosed. If you choose to disclose, the NPC loses their reputation and becomes a pariah for the rest of their life, unable to influence public activities in any significant way.

You can never have more NPC's under your thumb at one time than your Intelligence modifier, but if you reveal the facts about one (or choose, for some reason, to let one off the hook), you can replace them. This process takes seven days and 25 gp, but is only really a matter of time and resources for you.

At your DM's option, some NPC's may be "worth" more than others. Having some low-level administrator might not be worth much more than anyone else, but having a factol or god under your thumb might be worth 2, 3, 4, or 5 others. This reflects the difficulty in getting dirt on the individual as well as the power that they wield being significantly less assailable. To acquire a new extortion victim of this level of influence, you can spend seven days and 25 GP per person they are worth (thus a person of high influence, worth 5 others, would require 35 days and 125 GP, as well as needing an INT bonus of at least +5…and if that was your INT bonus, this could be the only person you could have under your thumb). These NPC's may also have a more resilient reputation — while they will be willing to endure favors both large and small for you, it is possible that your revelation doesn't shake their reputation as deeply as it would someone lower down on the totem pole. People have a tendency to rally around a discredited leader if they have enough invested in them.

Use Magic Device

By 13th level, you can make use of nearly anything you get your hands on. You ignore all race, class, and level requirements on the use of magic items.

I Know Your Secrets

When you reach 17th level, your ability to find out others' secrets is nearly magical in nature. You can use the bonus action granted to you by Cunning Action to cast detect thoughts or suggestion.