The Dawnbringer Pantheon

According to some legends, in the early days of creation, a war was waged between Heaven and Earth. Creatures of celestial glory battled beings of raw elemental power, and proved triumphant. The alliance of gods that slayed these "primordials" and saved the mortal beings from their raw destruction is called the Dawnbringer Pantheon.

The gods in this alliance are a loose collection, and they frequently squabble with one another. It includes gods of villainy and vice as well as gods of life and creation. Most gods in this pantheon dwell in the Astral Sea, the sky above the world as we know it.

The Dawnbringer Pantheon is one of the more widely worshiped pantheons in this region, though one finds plenty of other pantheons rearing their heads.


The Fortunate
Goddess of change, luck, freedom, travel, trade, wealth, merchants, adventure, and the wilds.
Goddess of the Halflings.
Chaotic Good
Avandra protects those who take chances. She is a benevolent goddess, but unpredictable and capricious. One does not depend on her, but frequent offerings of alcohol and coin are made in her name, to perhaps attract her attention, and give one good luck, at least for a time.

Avandra's Star is a wildly unpredictable speck of light in the night sky, which wanders hither and yon without rhyme or reason that any mortal can discern.


The Platinum Dragon
God of justice, protection, royalty, and hornor.
God of the Dragonborn.
Lawful Good
Bahamut defends those weaker than himself. Watchful and mighty, he protects the most vulnerable from the harm that is likely to befall them. Leaders and royalty are meant to do the same: to use their great power to help those most likely to suffer.

Bahamut's Star burns steadily at a point far to the North, and can help people tell which direction they are traveling in.


The Moonbow
Goddess of the moon, trickery, illusion, love, and autumn.
Sehanine revels in shadow. She is the goddess, according to believers, that causes the moon to change, to both fade to darkness and come to brilliance again. She allows things to be secretive, permits ignorance, and delights in misinformation. She is not well trusted amongst the pantheon, but she is considered a necessary transition, a barrier between the light and the darkness needed so that darkness does not overwhelm it all. In this respect, she is an ally to the more noble gods of the pantheon, who keeps alive the promise of change in the face of tragedy, and the excitement of new that can only come from emerging from darkness.

Sehanine's Star is only visible when the moon is a crescent, hovering next to it. This, her priests say, reminds us all that she is present in the darkness.

The Troubled Pantheon

The Western Coast is home to this long-suffering, ever-changing pantheon, who speak of ancient wars, old theocracies, and times when all were mortal. This group has suffered through many apocalypses, and predict many to come, but somehow keep together, regardless of how many deities die, and how many are born.

The Troubled Pantheon is a fairly arbitrary allotment of several different, diverse deities, none of whom express the reserve or respect that characterizes the Dawnbringer Pantheon. The Western Coast is also known to support houses of worship dedicated to foreign pantheons, perhaps seeking some stability as their own changes so often.


Keeper of the Yellow Sun
God of time, summer, tradition, and rebirth.
Once upon a time, this deity was the exuberant, optimistic God of the Dawn. However, as with all things in the Troubled Pantheon, time changed his nature. Older, more cautious, and wiser, his main concern now is in keeping things the same as they always were. He fights the apocalyptic tendencies of the Troubled Pantheon tooth and nail, and in his own unique way: by being resurrected every morning as the sun rises. Perhaps because of this, he is obsessed with punctuality, with organization, and with tradition. He hates to see things changed, and chaos is something of an anathema to him.

It should be noted that while he is close to Pelor of the Dawnbringer Pantheon in many respects as a sun god, Pelor is more concerned with compassion and generosity than Amaunator. While Amaunator is certainly in favor of those things, he believes they can only arise out of order, tradition, habit, and obedience. Pelor tends to take a more "any good done is worth doing" philosophy.