Asherakes are known throughout the lands of the Forge as vicious, arrogant, and warlike, with a predisposition to violence and cruelty, and an insufferable sense of superiority. There is a large population of asherakes in the brutal land of Arena, but their flying warships travel all over the world, kidnapping slaves to serve them.

Physically, asherakes are 7-foot tall tiger-people with great feathered wings sprouting from their shoulders. Their homes are isolated mountain strongholds from which they launch great, magical flying ships that abduct slaves to serve in asherake societies. In the city of Penance, the asherakes indulge their violent and domineering talents as enforcers, gladiators, and soldiers of the Bloodlords.

Arrogant Dominators

Asherakes view themselves as the pinnacle of creation, every other species in the multiverse being naturally their tools, to use as they see fit, for their own ends and aggrandizement. Thus, they enslave others, and treat them monstrously, as free labor (until they break) and even as a food source. This attitude makes them useful as mercenaries and gladiators, seeking their own glory and viewing other creatures as tools to that end. However, one must overcome their tendency to not work well with other races when doing this.

Flying Slave-Ships

Asherakes travel from place to place in great black ships that fly through the air under the auspices of some unknown magic. Their tattered sails are useless for propulsion - the ships are moved through the sky by teams of slaves pulling great black oars with fan-like ends that pull the ship through the air on the sweat and effort of people the asherakes have dominated. Most asherake characters are far-flung from these origins, but seek to inspire the same cold dread as that felt when a black shadow of an asherake battleship falls on an isolated hamlet.

Feared and Respected

Though asherakes dislike others, and most others share the sentiment, there is little denying the power and authority that a powerful asherake can muster beneath them. In the cities of the Forge, this strength earns them a respect that gives them power and influence despite their hostility and violence. This world cares less about how likable you are and more about how much force you can wield, and a million people will line up behind one mighty champion, even if it means they are that champion's slaves, to share in the glory.

In the city of Penance, a single asherake becomes a savage street warrior, destroying others in the gladitorial pits, serving in a Bloodlord's army, or even becoming a Bloodlord themselves. Though they view themselves as naturally superior, on an individual basis, they still have to prove this to those around them, and an asherake who can't learn to swallow their pride quickly winds up dying by it. The asherakes here avoid the undercity, as it tends to confine their wings.

Asherake Names

Asherakes choose names that instil fear and display their power, often chosen for their sounds rather than their meanings. Asherakes often take on nicknames that emphasize part of their character or their distinctive physical traits.
Male Names: Grashnak, Karanth, Brundlag, Threklin
Female Names: Krintarka, Jarlenda, Nanfel, Sheilon, Lakratakk
Nicknames: Bloodfang, Laughingfiend, The Monstrous, Skydark, Fury's Fell, Bloodrain, Fearcaller

Asherake Traits

Your asherake character has the following traits
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2. Your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Age. An asherake becomes an adult at age 20 and generally lives to be about 100.
Alignment. Most asherakes are lawful evil. They view the world as a heirarchy with themselves at the top, and are very concerned about rank and station. They also treat their lessers as beings to be used and abused.
Size. Asherakes average about 7 feet tall and weigh about 200 lbs. Their wings can span up to 10 ft. Your size is Large.
Speed. Your walking speed is 30 ft. You also have a fly speed of 60 ft.
Natural Weaponry. You can attack with a claw (dealing 1d6 slashing damage) or a bite (dealing 1d8 piercing damage). You are proficient with these natural weapons.