Discovery Powers

Rank I (LV 1-3)

Detect Magic

This spell notices the presence of ongoing magical effects on an object or creature.

Detect Magic Rank I Arcane Discovery Power
You gently wave your fingers over the subject, attuning your senses to notice the hidden lines of magic.
At-Will * Arcane, Discovery
Time Standard Action; Duration Instant; Ranged 10
Target: One creature or object in range
Skill: Perception
Success: You learn if there is magic affecting the creature or not. You may make a knowledge check using Arcana to try and identify more about the magic.

Comprehend Languages

This spell allows you to understand the language of another, for a small period of time.

Comprehend Languages Rank I Arcane Discovery Power
With a moment's meditation, you understand everything.
Daily * Arcane, Discovery
Time Reaction; Duration Short; Personal
Trigger: You see or hear a language you don't understand
Skill: Insight
Success: You can understand, read, speak, and write the triggering language.

Exploration Powers

Rank I (LV 1-3)

Hold Shut

This spell magically seals shut a door, window, or similar portal, making it more difficult to open.

Hold Shut Rank I Arcane Exploration Utility
You draw a rune of denial on the door, sticking it tightly shut.
Encounter * Arcane, Exploration
Time Short; Duration Short; Melee Touch
Target: The object touched. The object must be a door, window, chest, drawer, or similar opening that can be sealed shut.
Skill: Dungeoneering
Success: The opening is stuck shut for the duration. It can be battered down and broken with a weapon (an average door can take about 20 points of damage, a window more like 3), and any character can make a Thievery or Athletics attempt (DC equal to your Dungeoneering roll in casting this spell) to open it anyway.

Rank II (LV 4-6)


This spell lifts the subject vertically into the air.

Levitate Rank II Arcane Exploration Power
You whisper words of power, and the subject gently rises into the air.
Daily * Arcane, Exploration
Time Short; Duration Your Next Turn; Melee Touch
Target: One creature or object
Skill: Arcana
Success: You move the subject up to six squares vertically. The movement can only be vertical, but a creature can make an Athletics check (moderate DC) at the end of the movement to grab onto the edge of an adjacent square, becoming prone in that square. The creature can also move itself up six squares horizontally, but only by pushing off of walls or other solid objects adjacent to them, as a move action.
Sustain: Move action. When you sustain this spell, you can move the subject another six squares vertically.


You magically conceal your target, rendering them invisible.

Invisibility Rank II Arcane Exploration Utility
Your magic weaves an illusion over the target, and they disappear from sight.
Daily * Arcane, Exploration
Time Short Rest; Duration Your Next Short Rest; Melee Touch
Target: One creature or object
Skill: Stealth
Success: You conceal the target, rendering them invisible. Note that invisible creatures are not necessarily hidden: to be unaware of the character, the character must still try to hide. An invisible creature try to hide at any time, without cover or concealment.

Interaction Powers

Rank II (LV 4-6)

Phantasmal Forces

Phantasmal Forces Rank II Arcane Interaction Power
Manipulating light, air, and shadow, you compose a convincing illusion.
Daily * Arcane, Illusion, Interaction, Psychic
Time Extended Rest; Duration Your Next Turn; Ranged 20
Skill: Bluff
Effect: You create an illusion of whatever you can envision, in a number of squares sufficient to hold your illusion's size, within range. All characters can see, hear, and feel the illusion. Interacting with the illusion in some way allows you to make a Bluff check opposed by the creature's Insight check. If you win, they believe the illusion, and react to the illusion as if it were real (taking psychic damage equal to your Charisma modifier if damaged). They can make a saving throw against the illusion every round they interact with it. If they succeed in the Insight check, however, they note that the illusion is, indeed, an illusion, and all the creatures they tell get an automatic saving throw to disbelieve.
Sustain: Standard Action. When you sustain this spell, you can change the illusion, if you'd like.