Monster Study: Addazahr


CR 0 (0 XP)
A group of addazahr, which are small, straw-shaped flying insects, can bring an entire caravan to a halt for weeks. Entering an area where addazahr live runs the risk of getting bitten by one, contracting a painful soreness and swelling that is especially punishing on beasts of burden such as camels and horses. Creatures moving through an addazahr-infested area must make a DC 10 Constitution save or contract the disease. On humanoids, the disease is painful, but causes nothing more than some soreness and inflammation. Mounts, however, suffer greatly — they cannot bear any weight, and they move at half speed while afflicted. A cure disease spell, or 10 days of downtime, will remove the effect from humanoid and beast alike.

A character can identify an area of addazahr habitation before entering it with a DC 10 Intelligence (Nature) check. It is possible to create a remedy from desert plants that heals the disease in 3 days with a DC 15 Wisdom (Survival) check, once one knows the proper plants to pick.

Design Notes

Addazahr are creatures from the Al-Qadim seting. They are small flying straw-like insects that drink the blood of creatures, and cause a painful swelling and joint stiffness after their bite.

According to their source material, they are an annoyance to caravans and similar due to their habit of feeding on pack animals, rendering the caravan immobile for about two weeks as the animals recover from the bites.

Rather than function as a combat threat, therefore, the creature functions more as an environmental hazard.

In 5e, this creature may be treated as a wilderness hazard.